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Tennis court construction and repair 

How Big is a Tennis Court?  A 'Standard' Tennis Court is 120'x 60'.  But a smaller size of 114'x 56' is acceptable. 

                                             You will need about 5' of space around the court for construction.

                                             A North/South orientation is preferred.  A level site with good drainage and good access is best.

How Big is a Back Yard Basketball Court? You can build a small court about 35'x 45' for one hoop with a 3 point shooting area.

                                            A Larger court of 65'x 50' will give you a good size 'Full Court' with two hoops.

How Much Does a Tennis Court Cost? While an answer of $40,000 to $70,000 might be a "ballpark" number, many factors will                                            affect that price, both up and down. Court size, Materials Used (clay, asphalt, concrete), Site                                                        Conditions. Whether you add Lights or not, What type of Fencing you use. What Surface you                                                      choose (painted, cushioned, or rubber mat, etc..).