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We are frequent contributors to Post-tensioning Institute (PTI), American Concrete Institute (ACI), and American Sposts Builders (ASBA)  for technical articles on construction of post-tensioned concrete courts

P/T needs No expansion or control joints           51,000 sf monolithic slab.

Post-Tensioned Concrete:

Post-tensioned concrete is designed not to crack, heave or settle.

Why?  Unlike conventionally reinforced (rebar) concrete, or asphalt, Post-tensioned concrete is placed into compression with specially designed cables (tendons) that squeeze the concrete together from the edges.  This compression keeps it from cracking.

Post-tensioned concrete courts can be poured over Existing asphalt or clay courts, or can be built in New Construction.

This is NOT new technology.  Post-tensioning concrete has been around since 1886, and first used in the U.S. in 1949. Some of the uses include; High Rise Buildings, Parking Garages, Airport Runways, Bridges, etc..